Ben 10: At the Coloseum

Ben might have been dependent on his Omnitrix most of the time, but it does not mean that he is nothing without it. When Ben was investigating some anomalies, he was captured by an alien, who runs a gladiator arena. His Omnitrix was rendered powerless because of the field protecting the entire coloseum. He could only depend on the weapons presented before him and the alien rides. He needs to be the champion if he is to earn his freedom. But, that won't be easy, especially since most of the gladiators there want to earn the same freedom that Ben wants. Ben would need to get to the top to be able to get out of the arena.

In this game, you would need to come out on top to finish the game, but that won't be easy especially that the game gets harder as you make some progress. Powerful aliens would be fighting you as you make some progress. Each time you drops the enemy, you would earn some gold. You can use the gold t buy better mounts and better weapon. You need to time your hit to be able to win every fight in the arena. You would need to buy better mounts and better weapon if you want to come up on top.

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