Ben10: Street Stunt

Ben is a guy that are not afraid to do almost anything. You might think that the OMnitrix is all that is about him, but he is already brave even without his OMnitrix. Although, he get beat up most of the time when he was just a little boy. He is always standing up to them, but the problem is that he is little and the bigger boys pick up on him. When he got the OMnitrix, no one could pick up on him anymore since Ben to a power to transform into more than 10 aliens. Enough talk about that as that is not about this game anyway. As time passes by, Ben got tired of what he does and searches for something new, such as a hobby. Ben did found a hobby in the form of street stunt with his bike.

In this game, you need to do several stunts to pass each level. It would be hard, but that is the challenge that you need to overcome and not fight any aliens. There is a time limit to all of these and you need to do as much stunts that you can within the minimum time frame.

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