Escape from the Enemy

Ben has been trap in the base of the enemy. Ben would have transformed into one of the aliens, but the problem is that the Omnitrix is broken right now. He knows that has no chance against the enemies and fighting them would be futile. For now, all he can think of is to escape the enemy as fast as he can. fighting the enemies is out of the question, especially now that he don't have the power to fight back. He would be endangering himself if he ever decided to fight back. Anyway, the enemies are not here as they are far away from the base. However, the base is still pretty much dangerous because of all the defenses surrounding it.

The idea here is to escape the base. Let the computer do the running and concentrate on docking most of the traps inside the base. The traps would slow you down and also decrease your life. You need to avoid them at all cost as that would be dangerous for you. The game got a timer and you need to make it on time. Well, at least before all of your time runs out. The game would be harder and much difficult as you make some progress.

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