Ben10 Racing

Ben is always trying to save the world that he don't have he time to have something that would help him relax. The other Plumber member notice that he easily gets irritated, so they told him to get a hobby or something. Ben did just that, but finding something that would make him happy other than busting some alien butts is hard. He had tried lots of activities, but the only thing that interest him the most is racing. Fortunately, there is a planet that always have a racing event and they notified Ben about it. Ben was more than happy to participate in the race.

Enough with the alien fighting scene that we always see. This time, Ben would be competing against alien in a race. No, this is not a matter of life or death as this is just a friendly game. The idea here is to get to the finish line first, but anyway, you would still get some money from participating even if you lose. You can use the money to buy new car. Of course, you need enough money to buy those fast cars, so you would need to win most of the races. Winning the races would provide with the big bucks that you can use to purchase new cars.

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