Ben10: Boxing 2

Ben Tennyson is one tough kid as he would go fight kids that are older and bigger than him. Other kids can't stand up for themselves and they let the bigger kids bully them at school. Ben would not let that happen to him as he would surely fight, even if that means that he would get beaten. When he found the Omnitrix, his courage has rocketed as now, he would have the means to defeat any kid at school, but Ben know better than that as his power is not something that he would abuse. He knows that his power should only be used when it it truly needed. He entered a boxing gym to learn about the sports and also to toughen himself up.

In this game, you need to fight for your own. You can't use the Omnitrix in this game as that would be consider cheating. Besides, it is not made that way, thus, you just need to depend on those hand to see you through. You need to knock out your opponent as fast as possible. That means, you need to know when to start throwing those punches and when to hide. The game would be tougher as you make some progress.

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