Ben 10 Super Bomber

Earth is in danger, but this time not from aliens. Some people are that ruthless that they want to rule over others and make things easy for them. In this case, the Forever King wants the world for himself and he would not stop to make it his. For some reason, he manage to take over the world and now the Forever Knights are the ruler of the world. Only one guy to stop them and make the world peaceful and free once more - Ben Tennyson. He would use the OMnitrix whenever he can, but this is not the time for that since it is broken. It needs fixing. For now, he would just rely on the bombs that are made by the Plumbers to put a stop to the Forever Knights.

This game has no time limit, so take as much time as you want to destroy your enemies. You need to throw the bombs at the enemies, but most of the time, the enemies can't be reach. You need t do something, so that the bomb can reach them. This game requires some brains, since you would need to think about how you can reach the enemies.

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