Ben 10 SnowBrawl Fight

Santa Claus is the one that brings joy to the kids all over the world since they give them presents every year. He does this as an advocate once a year. During Christmas, he would travel the world and search for those good kids to give them some gifts. Every year kids from all over the world are expecting to get their gifts. They would be good all year round to make sure that they are going to get some presents. But, one day, Santa Decided that there would be no more gifts for the kids. The elves are worry as they know that the kids would be sad. They got an idea that would help lift the spirit of Santa. They would hold a tournament of snow brawl. That would certainly lift the spirits of Santa. They invited different famous people such as Ben 10 and company, Powerfpuff girls and the likes. All of them are happy to participate since there is a point in their lives that Santa gave them gifts.

The idea here is to win the contest. Each team has three members and you would need to win against the opponents in a snow brawl. There is a life bar, so you can see the life of your character and the opponents. You win the snow brawl when there are no one left on the other side and vice-versa. The game would be harder and more challenging as you move from one level to another.

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