Ben 10: Revenge 2

The country has been compromise because other countries are trying to infiltrate the country. The plan on conquering the country to make it their own. Ben Tennyson can't let them have their way and would fight for his beloved country. However, Asmutt wants no part of it, so he had taken the Omnitrix. But, that won't stop Ben from helping his country. He would not let anything to happen in this country and he would fight for the freedom of this country. The government gave him a basic gun to defend himself. Ben would be rewarded with cash every time he stop the infiltrators.

In this game, there would be no aliens and Omnitrix, so Ben can't transform into one of those aliens. You would have to depend on guns to see you through each level. Be careful as the enemies would also have guns and they are many of them that would fight you. You need to out shoot them and dodge their bullets to make it through the day. The game would be harder and more difficult as you make some progress, so try to buy better guns if you have enough money for it.

Are you ready to fight for your country?

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