Ben 10: Super Giant Strength Humungousaur

One of the most powerful alien transformation of Ben 10 is Four Arms. Of course, you already know what his powers are. However, there is an alien that is more powerful than Four Arms and he is much bigger. When Ben acquire this guy, he never transform into Four Arms again since this alien is much more powerful. Besides, they have the same powerful but this guy is a lot bigger and more powerful than Four Arms. Of course, you do understand that there is more than 10 alien transformation inside his alien watch. This guy is known as Humunguosaur and if you guess that strength is his power then you are right. With this guy, who needs Four Arms anyway.

In this game, the idea is easy as you just need to crash every last one of the space ship. Don't worry as you are already Humunguosaur in this game and you don't need to transform into the alien. Also, you are not going to change back to the human form. Spaceships would be coming your way and they won't stop till you destroy them. Hit them with everything you got as there are lots of them and they would injure the big guy.

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