Ben 10 Versus Zombies

It might be true that Ben is one of the most powerful being on Earth, but there are things that Ben can't handle and that includes zombies. While he might be able to fight them, if they are able to bite him in his alien form then that might spell the end of civilization since that zombie would become the most powerful and mankind might not be able to stop it. When that happens, mankind might not be able to leave anymore. That is why; Ben would depend on his gun, knife and grenades to see him through the zombie apocalypse. Honestly, his alien shifting powers won't do much in a zombie infested world.

In this game, you can't transform into one of your alien transformation. You need to depend upon your gun, knife and grenade to see you through. Each zombie that you kill would earn you money. You can use the money to upgrade your weapon or to simply heal yourself back to full health. Most of the time, you aren't able to upgrade your stats immediately since that would cost you a lot of money. You need to wait it up till you have enough money to buy some upgrades that you can use in the battle.

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