Ben10: Space Escape

Ben Tennyson is one of the most powerful heroes in this world since he can change into more than 10 aliens. Along with the transformations, he can also use their natural power. Though, some aliens doesn't have natural power that Ben an use, he is fortunate enough that most of the alien transformations are powerful. He has been relying on his alien transformation most of the time, but Vilgax has been his rival since he first got the Omnitrix. When Vilgax captured him, he was separated with the Omnitrix somehow. Now, with no power, he knows that he is in danger, but he was able to break free of the prison. He needs to get his Omnitrix back and escape the ship somehow.

Ben needs to escape the space ship, but he can't do it without your help. You would need to put some blocks to where it needs to be to make it safe for Ben to travel. Ben needs to get to the exit point to be able to get to the new location. The game would be over if Ben is somehow didn't pass a level. You need to know where to put the block or blocks to make it for Ben to travel safely.

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