Ben10: Turbo Racer

Ben is always fighting some bad guys and it is a no wonder that Ben is getting tired of what he does. If this goes on like this, then there would come a day when Ben would just quit from helping other people and chasing evil aliens. Ben realizes that and he quickly pick a hobby as a motorcyclist. This is a dangerous hobby and might put Ben to his death, but Ben knows that he won't be satisfied with the usual hobby. Besides, he always put his life in danger, so this is not new to him.

The idea here is to get to the finish line, but you don't have to do it as fast as you an since there are no timer. You just need to get there safely, which usually means that this won't have to be dangerous. However, the terrain itself is already dangerous and most of the time, you would need the extra boost that you can get from driving fast to make it. Always remember to balance your bike to make sure that you won't fall on your back. Collect as much collectibles floating in the game for more points.

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