Ben 10 Omniverse Fuel Run

A space ship was attacked by pirates. Luckily one of the crew is able to call help. Help arrive in the form of Ben Tennyson. Though, it was hard, Ben was able to free the captain from bandits. Sadly, the captain was badly injured in the process. As if, that is not a problem enough, the ship is being pulled into black hole. Ben vow to save the ship, but he would need to find some parts to be able to repair the ship. The parts are scattered in the ship, but only Ben can look for them since the captain and his crews are all injured. Ben would need to find them as fast as he can since the ship would be pulled to the black hole soon. Ben transform into an alien similar to the captain to be able to do his job.

The idea here is to find all the arts and get to the next level as fast as you can. However, you would need to fully master how to control the new alien power as that won't be easy at all. The new alien power would help you to reach most parts of the ship, but it would be hard to control at first. AS soon as you get used to it then it would be easier.

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