Ben10 - Chasedown 2

Ben makes sure that we are safe from alien attacks and he would never let anything happen to us. Most special force would back down if they know that they are dealing with aliens, but this is the specialty of Agent Ben. He knows what he is doing since he have done this a lot of times before. It all started when he found the Omnitrix deep in the forest one day. That is quite a happy memory for Ben since he is abel to do a lot of things and also the adventures that he have because of the OMnitrix. He knows that all of this won't be possible weren't for the fact that he found the Omnitrix that day.

The idea here is bring down any of the suspicious cars. You can either gun them down or bang them till they are destroyed. The game has a time limit, so you need to keep on moving to find the target. You would start with just three targets, but the number grows as you make some progress. You an also destroy the other vehicles nearby, but that won't do much since you won't gain anything for that. If you are after score then you need to find the OMnitrix symbols and claim it for yourself.

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