Ben10: Power Shot

Vilgax is on the move again and Ben could only speculate how evil what this villain could do. Ben knows that he needs to act fast, but this won't be a good time since his Omnitrix is acting pretty funny lately and this won't be a good time to face someone of Vilgax's caliber. Ben can't transform into an alien right now, but his OMnitrix can shoot bolts. Ben knows that the odds are against him, but he can't let Vilgax have his ways as it smells trouble for everyone. He need to make sure that he can get the job done and eliminate Vilgax in the open.

In this game, you can't transform into an alien, but you can shoot rays into your enemies. Be wary as the shots are only limited, but you can get more if you are able to shoot the more rays icon. You need to get the Vilgaxes to be able to score. In this game, you don't need to shoot any amount of Vilgax to qualify for the next level, but it would surely add up to your points if you are able to get more Vilgax. The game would be tougher as you make some progress.

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