Ben10: Ultimate Force

It seems that the world has come back to the age of dinosaurs as the ones terrible lizards are stalking a part of the country. Ben was sent in to investigate on what is happening to that part of the world. The PLUMBER knows that this is unnatural and it needs to be stop if these beast came from an experiment. Ben knows that this would be dangerous, but he is the best agent that the organization can send since he has the power to transform into an alien whenever things are troublesome. Ben found out that one of his old nemesis is at work here, so he become more determined than ever.

In this game, you can only transform into Heatblast. You can't transform on your free will since you need to find a sign first to be able to transform into an alien. While you can fight the dinosaurs with your fist, it would be troublesome if they got too close since they would really hurt you. That is why; you need to transform into an alien first before you fight them. The transformation only last for a short time, so i would be recommended to focus on the task at hand.

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