Ben 10 vs Robot

Robots were designed to help people in any way they can. They make the lives of people easier thus, they become part of the lives of human in the future. However, as they become part of the lives of human, scientists have decided to evolve them into a thinking robot. They thought that it would help the human race. At the start, it did male them more efficient, but soon they evolve into more than that as they are able to comprehend. The robots realized that they are just being used to the gains of the human. They have revolted and has taken over the world. Ben was call in to put a stop to the revolting robots. But, one of them captured Ben and has removed his alien device, thus, he can't transform into an alien anymore. Now, he is prison and he wants to escape.

In this game, you aren't going to fight as the mission lies with escaping the city. You are going to use a hover board to do that. If a robot touches you then the game is over. The game won't be easy since there is no way to fight back. You would need to totally avoid them all the time.

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