Tooth Problem

Ben is a child, who can transform into more than alien forms, but like any one else, he do have a weakness. His is liking to sweets and that is the reason, why his teeth are decaying. He needs to get rid of the decaying tooth and replace it with a new one. His teeth would grow back eventually since he is just a kid. However, he would never look at sweets the same way before since he learned his lesson well. Those sweets are not worth it to lose his teeth with. He can fight aliens with his decaying teeth, but that would bother him during the fight since it is very painful. That is why; he needs to see a doctor very quick.

In this game, you be the doctor that would help Ben to get rid of his tooth problem. You would need to brush it before you can do anything else. Get rid of the tartar, so it would look clean. Make sure that the teeth would be perky white once you are done with it. Those tooth that are decaying should be replace with a prosthetic ones. It won't be as good as the original, but, at least, Ben won't be complaining about his aching teeth anymore. The game doesn't have any level, but it would challenge you to do your best to make sure that Ben would be happy with the service afterwards.

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