Ben10 - Ghost Town

No one know what happened to the world as the dead are no waling again. Though, they are just skeletons, they are able to walk and beat people. It is not only the skeletons that are crating havoc as there are other hideous creatures that began appearing and started beating up people. Since then, everyone got scared of going out at night since that is the time when these monsters go out. But, Ben Tennyson is not to let any monsters get the best of him since he had battle several aliens already. Most of them are really strong and he won against them. The bad thing is that, he can't transform into an alien since his Omnitrix needs some fixing. Fortunately, he knows karate and he can use that to battle the monsters that come out at night.

In this game, you need to be tough since you would be battling several monsters before you can get to the finish line. You can't get nowhere if you haven't beaten the monsters in an area. As you make some progress, the game would be harder, so you need to be at the top of your game or you won't last in this game.

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