Ben10: Space Battles

There is always something to discover in space as it holds one of the greatest mysteries mankind has yet to discovered. Ben was fortunate enough to find the OMnitrix that allows him to transform into more than 10 aliens at a time. Though, it was the start of his encounter with more aliens, this was also the happiest day of his life since he is able to transform into an alien himself and use its power to defeat some of the most terrifying creatures in space. Then again, Ben thought that he had seen it all already, but a powerful empire rule the galaxy. The Toad Empire is quite ferocious as they would destroy any planet they want. When Ben encountered them, they were planning to destroy the Earth, but Ben would not stand back from them. Ben knows that his alien powers would be useless against them, so he got into one of their ships and started fighting them on their own turf.

You won't be using the alien powers, which Ben posses in this game. Instead, you would be piloting a ship and fight the alien in space. Shoot every ship that you see on space. There are times that a glowing ball would come up. You need to grab that as that would power-up your ship. However, you would lose that power when you got hit.

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