Jet Mission

When troubles comes, Ben is the one that can save you because he have the power to transform into more than 10 aliens. Each alien has its own ability, thus making Ben almost invisible, but when it comes to space battle, that won't be of use since the aliens would be suing space craft and no alien would have enough power to fight a space craft. Fortunately, he works for the PLUMBERS and they won't let down one of their top detectives. They lend him a space craft that he can use to fight the alien fleet. Now, that the odds are even, Ben can return to fighting aliens.

No, you won't be seeing Ben transforming into one of those aliens. Instead, you would be piloting a ship and your goal is to reach your destination before time ends. That means that you need to hurry up before you run out of time. That won't be easy since there are lots of alien attacking you along the way. There is a time limit and you need to reach the boss before the time ends. The game would be much tougher and challenge as you make some progress.

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