Ben 10 Spore Attack

The killer spore has been unleashed it would put an end to the world if no one could stop them. When Ben learns about it, he immediately change into a fly to stop the spread. He knows that he is the only one that could stop the end of the world. This would be bad if the spores are not stop from spreading. The spores do grow up fast and it is not producing any mushrooms that can be seen on Earth. The mushrooms that it produces eats living creatures for sustenance. Ben as able to kill the source of the spore, but now the real problem is about to start and that is what Ben need to stop.

IN this game, you need to reach the finish line and kill the mushrooms that are trying to eat you. They would try to stop and kill you, so you need to dock and blast them with your sludge attack. The game can either be controlled with a mouse or a keyboard. Either way, make sure that you can control it well as you would need to quickly appear in most situation. Some vines would appear from out of nowhere and swat you.

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