Ben10: Saving Sparksville

In a small town, where Ben, Grandpa Max and Gwen spend their first vacation lies a secret that no one know, but the mayor. Apparently, there was a terrible menace that came to the town and townsfolk was able to imprison it to the giant rubber band. It lies dormant for hundred years, but when Ben came to town and try to sue the Omnitrix to save the townsfolk, it reawaken the being trapped inside the giant rubber ball. Soon, it is creating havoc and Ben needs to stop it, but it multiplies every time that Ben hits it. Soon, it began to enter a huge robot in the town museum. Ben knows that he needs to hit it at the right spot to take it down.

In this game, you are Heatblast and you need to take down the huge robot that is creating some havoc. This won't be easy as you can hit only a certain part of the robot at a time. Your attacks won't do damage if you aren't going to hit the robot at the weak points. It would change from time to time, so you need to take note of the robot. The screen would show you the weak point and you need to hit it fast as it would change location from time to time.

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