Fishing Game

Let's admit it, there is no chance that we could work 100 percent most of the time. We need to have some time for our self and have some recreational activities at time. We would destroy ourselves if we aren't going to have some kind of pace. There is an old saying that "all work and no play makes John a bring guy". But the truth is further than that since it would make you tired and you can't be at your 100 percent when you feel tired. It is not an easy feeling and Ben knows this. That is why; he makes it sure that he can have some recreational time every now and then. This time, he is out to fish and he don't want to come home empty handed since he promises a catch to his parents and they would want to cook the fish that Ben catches. Ben knows that he should get out to the waters to catch lots of fish if he ever wants his parents to be proud of him.

In this game, you need to fish and you need to catch as many fish in the easy, but we know that we can't catch them all. This game has a time limit, but that limit can be extended as long as we are catching some fish.

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