Ben10 Downhill Skiing

Ben Tennyson is a brave man as he has proven himself time and time again that he isn't afraid of anything. He have battled several aliens already and he didn't even think twice to sprang into action. You can even say that he is a man or a kid in action since he likes the feeling of danger. Even without the Omnitrix, he is already brave enough to handle some bullies at school when he was a lot younger. Now, that he has the OMnitrix, he can transform into 10 more different aliens. Anyway, as time passes, he is feeling the pressure and the PLUMBER decided to give him a well deserve vacation. He uses his vacation to learn about skiing. This is his first time, so he isn't that good when it comes to skiing and this is a dangerous sport since you might end up hurting yourself if you are not careful enough. Then again, he is Ben 10 and he isn't scare of anything.

In this game, Ben would be trying his luck in skiing. This won't be smooth since there are rocks that you need to avoid. You need to collect the OMnitrix sign and another symbol to get some points. The game would be harder and more challenging as you make some progress.

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