Ben10: Shootout

We all know that Ben Tennyson battles alien and transform into one of them to make it an even match. Most of the time, he would just use the alien's raw power to overcome the odds, but then again, he can't stay forever in that form. The power of the OMnitrix is still limited and it would need to recharge its power, so that Ben can use it one again. Of course, you think that poor old Ben would be defenseless whenever he switches back to his human form. That is where you are wrong, since Ben learned that he needs to be ready at anything, so he carries a blaster with him anywhere he goes.

This is a shootout game and you would need to depend a lot on your blaster than anything else. You can transform into an alien, but that would last only for a short time. You also need to find something that would help you transform in this game. Of course, your alien form is a lot tougher than you as you just need to hit your enemy a few times and he would be over. The game gets harder and more challenging as you make some progress.

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