Ben 10: Colleseum Match

Ben is a competitor and whenever someone wants to test his strength, he can't say no to that, but Ben doesn't fight as Ben since he transform into another being. And because of that, many are skeptical if he can really fight in a real match without his powers. One day, he was invited in an inter-galactical arena. He thought to himself that this is the best time to prove himself. He won't be needing his powers here since all the competitors would use the same armor, weapon and mount to compete in the arena. Ben knows that there are a lot aliens that are tougher than him, but Ben is determine and nothing can stop a determined man.

This is a game, wherein you are a gladiator and you don't need to transform into an alien even if you are Ben. The idea here is to knockout your competitor in as many blows as it takes. Each knockout would earn you money. Another way to make money here is by winning the match. Of course, you can't enjoy the money if you lose in a match. Needless to say that, you would need to buy some new weapon and a new mount to be able to fight those high level competitors.

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