Ben10: Xtreme Adventure 2

Ben Tennyson always rely on his Omnitrix to get out of dangerous situations, but there are times, wherein the Omnitrix isn't working simply because it needs to recover from being used. It needs a few hours to fully recover and it can be use again. Then again, all it takes is a few minutes before something bad happen to you. In Ben's case, it would be dangerous to stay in his human form since he is battling mutants and alien alike. To date, he can only battle them when he transform into an alien. He can't do anything without his Omnitrix.

In this game, you are put to the test as you can't transform. all you can do is to avoid them and hopefully, they can't get you. But, that won't be easy since the environment is made of pit fall and one wrong move is all it takes for you to come crashing down a cliff. If the cliffs can't harm you then there are also giant animals, which would devour you. Fortunately, you can jump and land on them to instantly kill them. The game gets harder as you make some progress. Gather as much coins as you can for more points.

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