Ben10 Highway Skateboarding

Ben Tennyson is what you call a daredevil as he is never afraid to put his life in danger as that is what is keeping him blood flowing. To make it easier, he likes the idea of being in danger and that is what fighting aliens do to him. It keeps the adrenaline pumping on him. Yah, it is true that he can transform into an alien, but having one of the most powerful device in the world doesn't make you brave. You need to have the balls to be brave. Ben knows that there won't be always alien causing some bad things to Earth, so he has a hobby. It is called highway skateboarding and it is one of the newest craze in town. You do understand that this would be dangerous, but Ben likes danger.

In this game, you need to take your game to the extreme since this would be dangerous( at least, for Ben Tennyson). The idea here is to get to the finish line safely, but that won't be easy, especially there are a lot of road signs that you need to avoid on the road. Grab those Omnitrix symbols for extra points. The game would get even more challenging as you make some progress.

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