Ben 10: Jump Space

It happened very fast as Ben wasn't there when it happened. The whole planet has been seized by aliens and the military forces of the world can't do something about it. They are powerless against the might of the alien forces. There is only one guy that could save the world and that is Ben Tennyson. Sadly, he wasn't there since he was on another planet trying to save an alien race from extinction. When he came back, he learned the danger that the world is facing. But, before he can do anything else, he needs to reach the ship. He can't transform as the alien armada would detect him. Thankfully there are some kind of platform in the sky that the alien used. It seemed that they have forgotten about it. Now, Ben is going to use it to get to the mother ship.

Your mission would be to help Ben get from one platform to another. But, it would not mean that it won't be dangerous as you might fall from it. Also, there would be some space craft hovering over from time to time and it might hit you if you are not quick to react.

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