Ben 10 - Taxi Driver

Ben had enough with fighting some aliens and decided that he would just make money like everyone else. Though being a taxi driver doesn't pay much, it is an honest job and Ben could go with that since he isn't making something illegal. Also the fact that this is far from what he does before. Ben knows that he isn't going to be rich here, but he knows that this is an honest job and it is much safer than what he does before. Sure, he would have daily problems, but he is a problem solver and he would never let a problem go unsolved within the day. Besides, the problem that he would encounter here is about traffic problem and nothing else. It would be sure a lot easier than what he does before, which is fighting evil aliens.

The idea here is to get to the finish line as fast as you can. You need to get there before the timer ends. Make sure that your car won't fall on its back since that would be the end of it and you failed the game. The game would be much more dangerous and much harder as you make some progress.

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