Ben10: Air Challenge

The aliens are attacking and they are using some kind of space craft to do that. Ben knows that he won't stand a chance against them if he isn't going to use an airplane. The only plane that he found was an old War 2 airplane, but that would do since he has no choice. Ben knows that this would be tough, but he isn't the guy that runs from a fight.

This game can be played with a mouse or a keyboard. The idea is to destroy enemy craft flying around. Some of them would go straight to you, but there are some, who would stay and shoot at you. You need to take them down as fast as you can. Beware though, the alien space craft isn't easy to take down. The game gets more challenge as you make some progress. If you think that you would have an easy game once you overcome one level, think again since you can't upgrade your plane in this game. You would need to depend on your trustee plane for the rest of the game play. That it easy, but that is part of the challenge as normal game would make things easier for you as you make some progress, but this game tends to challenge you till the end.

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