Ben10: Power Hunt

Ben has lots of enemies because he is doing good and the bad guys don't like it since he is spoiling their plans. They would do anything in their power to put Ben down for good. Luckily our hero isn't that easy to put down, especially that he have the powerful device, Omnitrix on his arm. With the device, he could transform into more than 10 different aliens at a time. Though, it have a cooling time after it was used, it is still a powerful device that only Ben can use. When he first got it, Vilgax's minion was trying to get it back, so Ben have to fight them. Since then, Vilgax become one of the most powerful nemesis for Ben.

In this game, you would need to avoid contact with Vilgax since you can' t transform in this game. Once, Vilgax got close to you, that would be the end of the game. The idea here is to collect the Omnitrix symbol without getting into contact with the villain. Use the stairs all you want and try to stay away from Vilgax throughout the game to last long. If you think it is already hard then wait till the level goes up.

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