Ben10: Free Runner

Whenever Ben uses his alien power, there is almost nothing that he can't do since those aliens are well adept and should we say better than us in some ways. Well, actually, it has something to do with their body composition and this can be seen in some insects and animals in this planet. We, on the other hand has our mind and we use it for almost everything that we does. In the case of the alien, aside from having the brains, they also have some unique ability that they can use in whichever they want. And that is what you see every time Ben transform into an alien. If you are going to run against Ben then he would just transform into XLR8 and you won't even see him since he is very fast. Fortunately, Ben is not like that as he would rather reserve his power to use against some real threats and not use his power just to get the edge out of some competition.

In this game, Ben needs to run very fast because his time is limited and he can only run if he have time. When time runs out then the game is over and you can't do anything about that. The idea here is to grab as many coins as you can as quickly as possible. You can extend your time whenever you grab some timer along the way.

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