Ben10: Road Rage

We all know Ben because he is the guy with the Omnitrix and he fights aliens for us, though some of them are his friends since most of those aliens are not bad anyway. Just like humans, there are good and bad aliens, you just need to choose your company. Anyway, recently Ben joined a racing competition wherein he would need to subject his vehicle to a rough ride. It would be surely rough since he would need to drive it to several cliffs and it would need to jump across from one platform to another. If that is not scary then nothing would be scary for you. Anyway, Ben is that kind of person, who likes the rush and thrill, so he compete in such competition.

In this game, you need to jump from one platform to another using your vehicle. Collect some purple orb because you can use that to purchase a new ride. Take note that your vehicle isn't indestructible as you would lose the game once you have fallen to one of those pits. The game would be harder and more challenging as you make some progress, so you better need to grab those orbs along the way.

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