Ben10 Fight

Ben has many battles, but none like this has happened before because he was transported back in time when the dinosaurs was still living. Ben was trap there for the time being with all the dinosaurs during that time and it would freak out most people, but Ben is unlike most people because he has the heart and the courage for his adventure. And for that, he would be thankful because it would be such a big drag on him if he could lose his confidence right now since he can be eaten by the dinosaurs if he didn't learn to fight back during that time.

In this game, Ben was transported back in time in the age of the dinosaur. And as you can expect, there would be lots of dinosaur. The idea here is to get to the finish line as fast as you can since dinosaurs would be chasing you. Thankfully, you can transform into Heatblast to fight back, but you can also fight back in your human form, but don't expect that you can last long since you would be hit while fighting back. The game keeps on getting harder as you move forward.

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