Ben 10: Takedown

Ben is one of the most powerful kid on Earth, but that is not the same when it comes to the galaxy since there are lots of aliens that are more powerful than him even if they can't transform just like Ben can. as if, that is not a problem enough, there are also times when he can't use the Omnitrix simply because it needs to recharge or in some cases, it got damage during a fight and it needs to be repaired. If that is the case then Ben has no choice, but to call Asmutt and have it repaired. Of course, Ben didn't like the latter since Asmutt would make him sorry. When an alien was causing some trouble here on Earth, Ben didn't have a choice since this is home turf and he would be stupid if he would let the alien have its way here. He grab a laser and went to the base of the alien. Ben knows that this would be nasty as he can't transform into an alien, but this is his home and he just couldn't let it pass away.

In this game, you need to blast some alien as you move from one location to another. This won't be easy since you have no super powers in this game and you just need to depend upon a human's ability.

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