Ben 10: Crazy Motrocycle

You might think that Ben is a crazy guy as he has no fear and he would go regardless of how dangerous the situation is. Anyway, Ben never thinks about it since he know that he would be scared to death and would not accomplish a single thing. Ben knows that there is no other choice since he is the only guy that could help save the galaxy. That is his regular routine, but whenever he have some time for himself, he makes it sure that he would have the time of his life since there are no assurance that an alien would come on that day. And since, he likes putting his life in danger most of the time, he decided to drive the motorcycle and do some crazy stunts with it. At least, that would satisfy the adventure that he has in him.

Ben won't be fighting any aliens in this game; instead, he would use his time to race. The idea here is to get to the finish line unharmed, but that would be almost impossible if you won't be a good driver. The game gets harder as you make some progress.

Think, you can beat this game?

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