Ben10: Super Bomber

The Forever Knights are tired of trying to save mankind and they are not getting something from it. For the first time, they settled their difference with some monsters and use them to rule Earth. Fortunately, Ben was able to see the hidden agenda of the Forever Knights and tried to put a stop to them. But, the Knights was way ahead of him since they have prepared for this a long time ago. Now, Ben is in danger since the Forever Knights and some monsters are after him. They have taken his Omnitrix, but Ben was fortunate enough to find some bombs that he can use to fight them.

The idea here is to bomb the enemies. You need to throw the bomb from a distance and you can't get closer to them. The game is played with a mouse and you need to calculate the distance before throwing the bomb. You only get 10 chances in this game to eliminate the threat. The game would be harder as you make some progress, but that is the exciting part of it.

Are you ready to defeat the Forever Knights and some monsters they have unleashed upon this world?

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