Ben 10 Vs Bakugan Archery Death Match

Ben Tennyson and Dan Bakugan never became friends despite the fact that they are both heroes. They are always arguing on who is better among them. Neither one of them want to lose to the other, so one day, they decided to settle it once more. This time is would be for keeps since it is a death match. They are going to use an arrow to shoot each other and the loser dies. Of course, neither one of them wants to lose and die. They practice all week to sharpen their skills with the bow. the day came and it was full of tension as they know that they might get killed that day, but they are also excited since this would be the last day for the other guy. For them, this game would be a death match and would prove the other wrong since he would be dead.

The idea here is to shoot the other guy till he is down for good. It would take two shots to take down the other guy. You can choose between Ben and Dan on who you want to be. Of course, the idea here is to take out the other guy.

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