Ben10: Snowbrawl Fight 2

Christmas is around the corner and all of Ben's enemy are busy preparing for the said event. Ben was so bored since there won't be any action for the time being. He needs to wait till the bad guys do something and it is killing him. One day, he got a letter from Santa informing him that there would be another Snowbrawl fight. Ben remembered that they got beaten the last time and he did want a redemption against the other cartoon characters. This time, they are fully prepared since they have been practicing in a planet that is covered with snow. He knows that this would not be easy since the other cartoon characters are also preparing for the much awaited event.

The game is played with a keyboard and the idea here is to cover your enemies with thick snow, turning them into snowmen. You don't have to settle with Ben 10 and his friends to play this game as you have the option of choosing your own team. It is a good idea to read instruction since it would guide to the rest of the game. Each team would have three members and you need cover your rivals with snow. The game gets more challenging as you make some progress since the next cartoon characters would surely be hard to beat.

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