Ben10: War on Amazon River

We all know that Ben like to fight some aliens causing some troubles, but little do we know that he also fight bad guys, who are trying to harm other people. In one expedition on the Amazon Jungle, he found out that someone is exploiting the Amazon river and he didn't like that since the Amazon is a safe haven for most animals and if someone is exploiting it then the animals would be wasted and he don't like that idea. Unfortunately, his OMnitrix needs some repair that time and he can't use it till it got repaired. Asmutt gave Ben a rocket launcher to fight some bad guys. Ben went to the Amazon river to get rid of those poachers.

In this game, you need to shoot those poachers on a boat. Some of them would have some rocket launcher and they would shoot you indiscriminately. You need to get them before they can get you. The game come with its own obstacles aside from the poachers. You need to avoid some barrels on the river. There are also sharks on it, which you need to shoot or it would get you. You can't just avoid those sharks as they are wise predators. There are also some poachers with swords and they would attack you. The game would get even harder as you make some progress.

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