Ben 10: Pyramid Adventure

Earth is under attack, but this is not something new as alien are always here since the dawn of time. It is just that they are hiding most of the time and their presence are usually concealed, so that it won't cause much panic. Because of that, a group has been formed and it is known as the PLUMBERS, a group of people trying to protect the world from invading aliens. Now, there are some aliens within the group, but the group is unknown to most people as they don't want to cause some panic among the people. Ben Tennyson is part of that group since he fight bad guys or bad aliens, who are trying to cause some harm to the world. Most of the time, Ben uses his Omnitrix to fight the aliens, but there are times when it would get damage. Thankfully, Asmutt always came to fix it and when that happens, Ben can't transform into an alien. He would brought some gun with him to fight the aliens with. This is one of those times as Ben goes to Egypt to fight some aliens causing some trouble there.

The idea here is to get the alien and get rid of it. But, that won't be easy as there are lots of booby traps along the way. You need to get pass it before you can fight the alien.

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