Ben10 - Bomber

Ben can't always fight depending on his Omnitrix. There are times that his device s out of commission and it needs to be repaired. Unfortunately, battling aliens don't have a time out and you would need to fight them with whatever you have. It is fortunate that his grandpa gives him a gun, to which he could use when the aliens are attacking. Normally, he would transform into an alien, thus, he would have the power to fight them head on, but right now, he can't do that since the device is with Asmutt and it would take at least a week to repair if the problem is not that great.

The game is about some aliens in the block and you need to shoot them. The problem is that you can't move a single walk since your character is mounted on the wall. You can only use your gun to get them, but other than that, there are no ways to do that. The game is played with a mouse and your objective is to eliminate all the aliens. You can do that with your gun, but some aliens are hard to reach and you would need to use the surroundings to get rid of them.

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