Ben10: Underworld

Gwen is always with Ben almost anywhere he goes. They never separated since they are not only cousins, but also the best of friend. Gwen can fight as she is a martial arts expert and can certainly take care of herself. However, some enemies are damned too powerful and Gwen can't do anything about them even with her martial art skills. Take for instance, Kevin, who got the power of the Omnitrix as he can transform into an alien by simply touching the alien, he want to be or anything that he want to become. Gwne would be powerless against him. One day, Gwen got kidnapped by none other than Kevin and demanded that Ben give him the Omnitrix.

You need to save Gwen, but it won't be easy and you can't transform into an alien since you don't have the Omnitrix with you. you only have your gun and you need to use it against the robots and alien trying to harm you. Don't let anything or anyone get close to you since that would be the end of you. You only have one life and you need to make sure that nothing would happen to you. There are no timer in this game, but the game certainly would be hard since there are a lot of areas to explore.

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