Ben10: Street Fight

Ben is one of the toughest kids when he was younger since he always fight the bullies, even if he always get his ass get beaten. Now, that he is bigger and has the Omnitrix, he usually transform into an alien to fight another alien, but the problem is that the device have such a short duration of power. It just means that he can't be in that form for a long time. And because of this, he learned karate to be able to beat some alien at his normal state. After many years of mastering karate, he become a skillful fighter. Now, he can beat the alien even if he can't transform. When some aliens are causing some bad things on the street, Ben came to beat them up.

In this game, the aliens are coming for you and you need to beat them up to get some power up. You would also be picking some items after you got rid of the aliens. You need to beat them up fast as there would be more and you won't want to be in that situation. You can transform into an alien once the bar is full, but that would be a long time. You can make money with the droppings of the aliens. You can use the money to buy some upgrade.

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