Ben 10: Revenge Game

Allied forces are attacking the state and no one can stop them. Ben is here, but his Omnitrix is not with him as it got damage from the last fight with the aliens. However, he have a gun that he could use to fight the invading allied forces. Now, his ready and he knows that this would be for real and they won't stop till he is killed. Ben knows that this would be dangerous, but he won't stop till he gets rid of them for his country. His country needs him and he just can't let it down.

The game is played with a keyboard and a mouse. The idea here is to every last one of the enemy soldiers. Each kill would earn you money and you can use that money to buy some new guns and upgrade your stats. You only have three lives in this game, so you need to make sure that the bullets can't hit you. You can't dodge a bullet, but you can jump out of the way. As you are just starting, you need to walk closer to the enemy, so that your bullet could reach them. You can buy some upgrades or a new gun anytime you want.

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