Ben10 - Gold Miner

Ben is tired of fighting some alien since it does not make him money. He needs some money to buy a few stuff and he won't get that by fighting some aliens. He realized that what he is doing isn't going to make him money. Sure, it is fun, but then that it is and nothing more. He needs money to pay for everything in his life and he can't just ask him parents to give him some since he is already old and it is time for him to stand on his own. Finding a job is not easy, he is fortunate enough that a friend teaches him how to dig for minerals on the ground. He knows that he could instantly land on the big ones and make lots of cash.

This game is played with a keyboard. The grappling hook just swing back and forth and you need to timing your hook, so it would get the gold or whatever valuables that you can grab onto. You need to reach your goal for the day and you need lots of gold and whatever worthwhile stone to be able to make that much. The game gets more challenging as the amount that you need to get increases every level.

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