Ben 10 Vs Rex

Ben Tennyson and Generator Rex are two of the most popular guys in the cartoon world nowadays. Each one of them, posses a power that is hard to forget and most of their enemies can't defeat them. Of course, Ben is the most poplar cartoon character between the two since he have lots of anime version, the latest one is a remodeled cartoon. Anyway, this is not about popularity as both of them are popular anyway. Ben and Rex are always fighting on who is better among them. Both, would never admit defeat, so they decided that they would have a contest to really determine, who is the best between them. The contest would be a race and they would be using a motorbike, since both of them prepares it.

The idea in this game is to defeat the other. You would have the opportunity to choose which hero you would want to choose in this game. Regardless on whom you choose, it would be up to you to win the race. This would be a bumpy ride to both of you since the road ahead would be filled with danger, not because there are enemies waiting, but, rather the road ahead wont' have those quick flips and you would need to fully control the bike to get over them. The game won't be automatic and you won't land on your feet unless you know what you are doing.

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