Ben 10: Boxing

Ben knows that he can't rely on his parents forever as he would need to stand up sometimes. He is growing up and he knows that his Omnitrix can't help him to make money as it is use solely for fighting aliens. Ever since he was a kid, he stands up for what he believes him. Now, as a grown up, he needs a job and the only thing that he can think of is beating other people. Grandpa Max told him to try boxing since he likes it. On his first ever boxing match, he won against his first opponent. This gives him the confident to pursue such career. After, every match he is paid and it makes him proud.

The game is played with a keyboard. You need to beat your opponent till he can't stand up anymore to win the match. The idea here is to beat up your opponent. The game would be much more difficult as you make some progress. You need to have some strategy as you rise up in ranking since your opponent would be tougher and what you have done before might not work on him.

Are you ready for a boxing match?

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